Water taxi Texel

Missed the ferry to Texel? Or do you have to rush back to Den Helder, or to Texel? It is possible to make the crossing safely and comfortably with the Texel water taxi in a maximum of 20 minutes. During the quick crossing you can stay in the cabin, but also enjoy the beautiful Wadden Sea outside. Maybe you’ll see a few seals on the way…

The water taxi Texel is available 24/7

Missed last ferry to Texel

When you have to go to Texel or Den Helder in the late evening and the regular Texel ferry is not available anymore, just call the water taxi Texel. This is possible on weekends, but of course also on weekdays. To use the water taxi you have to make a reservation in advance, this can be done by calling +316-30829308.

If you decide to stay on the island, book a hotel on Texel.

First boat to and from Texel

The water taxi Texel brings you to Texel within 20 minutesDo you want to go to the other side early in the morning and can’t wait for the first departure of the Texel ferry? The water taxi Texel is also suitable for this. The boat is available 24 hours a day.

Water taxi Texel price

A ticket for the water taxi costs 20 euros. This rate applies to both adults and children. Booking by phone is mandatory and keep in mind that it is not possible to use your debit card at both the counter and on board of the water taxi.


You can bring your dog on the water taxi for free.

Disabled people

The water taxi is also suitable for the disabled. However, call ahead about the possibilities. It is not always possible to get on board with a wheelchair.

Seal tour Texel

The company that provides the water taxi Texel also offers a seal tour off the coast of Texel. Step on the Zeehond and experience the best day of your life during a seal tour off the coast of Texel.

Current information

Up to date information about the water taxi Texel and the seal tour can be found here.