Towns on Texel

Towns of Texel

There are seven towns on Texel. Each of these towns has its own cosiness and character. There are also many restaurants, shops, cafés and much to do on Texel. Take time to discover De Cocksdorp, Oosterend, De Waal, Den Burg, Oudeschild, Den Hoorn and De Koog.

De Cocksdorp Texel

The most northern village on Texel is De Cocksdorp, which is known for the seals and the beautiful lighthouse. There are several holiday parks in the area. You can walk on the many routes in the northern dune area, here you can spot beautiful birds. Swimming is not allowed due to the dangerous current. Do you want to take the ferry from Texel to Vlieland? You can board in De Cocksdorp.


On the east side of Texel you will find the village Oosterend, which has about 1700 inhabitants. Oosterend can be called a religious village with three churches. In the 19th century Oosterend had a harbor, but it is silted up. The large polder mill Het Noorden is located just above Oosterend. On the Wadden Sea, on the west side of Oosterend is Kaap Oosterend, this is a visual landmark for ships.

De Waal

In the middle of Texel lies the town De Waal, this is the smallest town on the island with about 500 inhabitants. De Waal is, besides the peace and the special houses, also known for old houses and beautiful farms. In De Waal you will find, among other things, the cultural history museum of Texel. The Sommeltjespad, near De Waal is very nice for kids.

Den Burg on Texel

The largest town on Texel, with more than 7000 inhabitants, is Den Burg. This is almost half of the total population of Texel. There is a lot to do in Den Burg, you will find a cinema, a museum, an outdoor swimming pool and historic buildings. In the village you can also find nice terraces and nice shops. Den Burg has many good restaurants where you can enjoy regional products of Texel.


In the east of the island of Texel lies the town of Oudeschild. The village has a harbor where both fishing boats and recreational boats have a berth. Here you can also eat a delicious fish. Kaap Skil, the beachcombing museum, is located in Oudeschild. A must is a trip with the fishing boats, where you can fish for crabs.

Towns on Texel
Photo: Karsten Würth/Unsplash

Den Hoorn

On the south side of Texel lies the town Den Hoorn with its cozy streets and the little white church. In Den Hoorn it feels like you are going back in time, it is also called an artists’ village. The village has several galleries and every summer, in June, there is the cultural month of Lange Juni (‘Long June’). Den Hoorn is located near the beach and the forest and directly at the National Park Dunes of Texel.

De Koog on Texel

The seaside resort of Texel is De Koog. With the many different terraces De Koog on Texel is a very pleasant town. You will also find plenty of restaurants and shops. From the center you can walk to the beach. De Koog is located directly at the National Park Dunes of Texel, where you can enjoy cycling and hiking. Surfing on Texel can be perfect on the beach of De Koog, as well as going out for a drink or to party.