Texel Beach

Texel beach

The Texel beach, on the western side of the island, is about 30 kilometers long. The seaside resort of Texel is the village De Koog. On the beaches of Texel you can make beautiful walks and then have a nice rest at a beach pavilion. You can also surf on the beautiful beaches.

De Koog, the seaside resort of Texel

The seaside resort of Texel is the village De Koog, where you can find many shops, restaurants, terraces and cafes in the cozy Dorpsstraat. The Texel beach is within walking distance of the center. De Koog borders the National Park Dunes of Texel where you can cycle and hike. In De Koog you can also find many hotels, apartments and other accommodations where you can stay overnight. In the village you can also go out for a drink.

Texel lighthouse

On the northernmost tip of Texel, near De Cocksdorp, you can find the red lighthouse of Texel. Do you want a beautiful view of the Wadden Sea and the North Sea? The (just over) 150 steps are certainly worth the effort. With a bit of luck and good weather you can even see the adjacent island of Vlieland.

Best beach pavilions

Of course there are several beach pavilions on Texel. Most are named after the corresponding stand post. A beach pole indicates the location along the beach and can be used as an orientation. We made a list of the five best beach pavilions of Texel. Enjoy the delicious food and the beautiful view of the beach and sea.

Texel beach
Foto: Evgeni Tcherkasski/Unsplash


In the hollow of the dike, on the east side of Texel, hidden beaches are formed at low tide. On these beaches the water is a lot calmer than on the coast of the North Sea. There is a beach built next to the marina. Archaeological finds on the beach have proven that marine life is very different here than on the other side of Texel.


Texel is a paradise for surfers. At the beach poles 17 and 19 are the most popular places to surf on Texel. At pole 17, on one of the most beautiful surf beaches in the country, Surf School Texel has been established for more than 10 years. With a bit of luck you can spot seals while surfing.