Restaurants on Texel

Lovers of delicious food and drinks are at the right place on Texel. Restaurants on Texel; they are abundant and there is a lot of choice. From cozy coffee shops to hip cocktail bars and burger bars, to cozy living room restaurants and fantastic star restaurants. After a hike or bike ride, enjoy a delicious meal in one of the Texel restaurants.

Restaurant Vincent Eilandkeuken

The restaurant Vincent Eilandkeuken is located right next to the Texelse Dennen. Since 2004, inhabitants of Texel and tourists are welcomed in the restaurant. In the welcoming restaurant, honest dishes are served in a stylish wooden interior.

Taveerne De Twaalf Balcken

Tavern De Twaalf Balcken is an eatery for all ages. The eatery is open from 10 am, so a big lunch is possible. Enjoy a fine dinner from the Josper Grill. The Twaalf Balcken is distinctive because of the extensive range of special gins and specialty beers.


Café-Restaurant Sjans on Texel is one of the restaurants that are located in the middle of the village street of the cozy seaside resort De Koog. It is somewhat like a dark brown pub. Enjoy a drink on the terrace during the day, come for a tasty and affordable meal in the evening or try the nightlife at De Koog at night.

De Worsteltent

Restaurant De Worsteltent is located in a farm of more than 300 years old. On the grassy terrace you can enjoy a café latte with a delicious piece of homemade cake in the spring sun. In De Worsteltent it is also possible to stay overnight.

De Smulpot, one of the restaurants on Texel

Hotel and Restaurant De Smulpot is open for a delicious breakfast from 9 am. To prepare the dinners, the chefs work with genuine Texel regional products such as tenderloin, carpaccio and lamb from Texel sheep. The restaurant also serves high tea and high wine.

Bij Jef

Bij Jef is a star restaurant in Den Hoorn. Jef Schuur, chef of the restaurant, realized his dream: his own restaurant on the island where he grew up. At Jef, regional products such as Texel suckling lamb and Texel cheeses are the focus.

Visrestaurant ‘t Pakhuus Texel

At fish restaurant ‘t Pakhuus you have a beautiful view over the harbor of the village Oudeschild. On the menu there is a varied selection of fresh fish and shellfish. Despite the name, the restaurant is also suitable for meat lovers and vegetarians.

Restaurants Texel
Photo: Evgeni Tcherkasski/Unsplash

Best beach pavilions on Texel

Of course there are several beach pavilions on Texel. Most are named after the corresponding stand post. A beach pole indicates the location along the beach and can be used as an orientation. The five best beach tents of Texel are listed below. Enjoy the delicious food and the beautiful view of the beach and sea.

Beach pavilion Paal 9

Among the inhabitants of Texel, beach pavilion Paal 9 at Den Hoorn, is very famous. The pavilion does not really have a distinctive style and is especially favorite with surfers. Step inside on your flip flops and enjoy a great lunch or dinner.

Paal 17 Zomers

Beach pavilion Paal 17 Zomers is built on poles and therefore there is a beautiful view. Soft lounge music sounds in the modern interior. In this beach bar the food and the nice cocktails are more than good. Reservations for lunch are recommended because it can be quite busy.

Paviljoen Kaap Noord

In the north of Texel at Strandpaal 33 you will find Kaap Noord, the best beach pavilion on Texel. Especially recommended at this place is lunch, for example the ‘jutters platter’ in combination with a good glass of white wine. The beach pavilion is situated on a unique location, overlooking the adjacent island Vlieland.

Beach pavilion Paal 21

On the edge of De Koog you will find beach pavilion Paal 21. This beach pavilion distinguishes itself with perhaps the best food on Texel. At Paal 21 you can relax while enjoying good food, with a view of the sea and beach.

Beach pavilion Paal 15

At beach pavilion Paal 15, also called Westerslag, you can enjoy a drink. The pavilion has a cozy living room feeling with carpets and even a parrot. You can reach Paal 15 via a dune path.

Best coffee spots on Texel

Nothing beats sipping on a great coffee after a nice walk on the beach. Check out the best spots for delicious coffee on Texel.

Inn de Knip

Inn de Knip has a large menu offering coffee and homemade cake and pie. You can sit inside in the cozy interior, but also outside on the beautiful terrace.

Coffee & More

In the center of De Koog there are several cozy coffee shops, including Coffee & More. Many different types of coffee can be ordered here, mainly self-made blends.

Lokaal 16

At Lokaal 16 they make coffee from freshly ground, locally roasted coffee beans. In this cozy coffee bar you can also eat lunch: a sandwich or salad made from organic products.