The ferry Texel – from Den Helder to Texel

A stay or holiday on Texel is inseparable from the ferry Texel. The Texel ferry brings you safely and pleasantly from the mainland in Den Helder to one of the most beautiful wadden islands in the Netherlands. The ferry Texel service is provided by the TESO ships since 1907. In full this stands for Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming (Texel’s Own Steamboat Company). There are crossings with two ships. The Doctor Wagemaker offers space for 300 vehicles, while the Texelstroom can carry as many as 340 passenger cars.

Ferry Texel

Of course the ferry to the island also offers place to pedestrians, cyclists and moped riders. The crossing from Den Helder to Texel with the ferry guarantees a pleasant stay. The ferry Texel is fully equipped and gives you a fantastic view over the beautiful Wadden Sea. Within 20 minutes the ferry brings pleasantly from Den Helder to Texel. In addition, the ferry to Texel is equipped with various facilities that you can use during the crossing.

The facilities on the ferry to Texel

The ferry Texel from Den Helder to Texel naturally has a number of practical facilities. This way your crossing becomes even more pleasant. The ferries are naturally equipped with ample parking spaces, so you can leave your vehicle safely during the journey. On top of the deck of the boat to Texel you will find a Texel shop, a buffet for a delicious meal and various coffee and candy vending machines. Of course, the ferry is also equipped with various sanitary and toilets for the disabled.

The ferry Texel - The NetherlandsIn addition, you will find an elevator on the boat that will take you from the parking lot to the upper deck of the ship without difficulty. On the ferry Texel is also general information regarding the crossing available and you can of course use wireless internet. To ensure your safety, both the ferries and the ferry ports in Texel and Den Helder are equipped with an AED. Of course, during the crossing on the ferry to Texel you can also enjoy the beautiful view that the Wadden Sea has to offer.

Sustainable crossing to Texel by ferry

TESO has a high priority for sustainability. By letting the ships sail on environmentally friendly fuel, an important contribution is made to the preservation of the beautiful Wadden area. For example, a crossing with the ferry to Texel is not only pleasant, but also sustainable.

In addition to the use of biodiesel, the boat from Den Helder to Texel is provided with even more environmentally-friendly facilities. For example, the urinals inside the ship are waterless, resulting in a drinking water saving of no less than 150,000 liters per year. The crossing from Den Helder to Texel with the TESO ferry is therefore a unique experience in every respect.

The ferry from Den Helder to Texel departs every hour between 6.30 am and 21.30 pm. The Texel ferry leaves here at the half hour from the ferry terminal. From Texel to Den Helder the boat leaves the hour between 6.00 am and 21.00 pm. Tickets for the crossing with the ferry to Texel can be easily purchased online or at one of the ticket offices at the terminals.

Crossing by ferry and the Texel e-vignette

A large parking lot can be found in both ferry ports. After the crossing from Den Helder to Texel you can safely park your car here. Cars are allowed on the island. However, there is a paid parking policy in many places in Texel. Not only in the villages but also at the beaches you pay an hourly rate.

With the Texel e-vignette you can park anywhere on the island. This digital parking vignette can easily be purchased online and works on the basis of license plate registration. Parking on Texel with an e-vignette costs € 7.50 per day. Of course you can also purchase a digital parking vignette for a week. Especially if you are staying longer on the island, this is advisable. A weekly vignette for parking on Texel costs € 15.00 and has a validity of 8 days.

In summary