The ferry Texel – from Den Helder to Texel

A stay or holiday on Texel is inseparable from the ferry Texel. The Texel ferry brings you safely and pleasantly from the mainland in Den Helder to one of the most beautiful wadden islands in the Netherlands. The ferry Texel service is provided by the TESO ships since 1907. In full this stands for Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming (Texel’s Own Steamboat Company). There are crossings with two ships. The Doctor Wagemaker offers space for 300 vehicles, while the Texelstroom can carry as many as 340 passenger cars.

Reserving a place on the ferry to Texel is not possible. Extra capacity and crossings are used during busy periods. During the high season and during school holidays, a short waiting period can occasionally arise.

Your pet can travel on the ferry to Texel for free, however you must keep your pet on a leash during the crossing. You must keep the pet on a leash during the crossing. It is in principle allowed to leave the pet (unattended) in the car during the crossing, provided the pet can not jump out of the car.

Ferry Texel

Of course the ferry to the island also offers place to pedestrians, cyclists and moped riders. The crossing from Den Helder to Texel with the ferry guarantees a pleasant stay. The ferry Texel is fully equipped and gives you a fantastic view over the beautiful Wadden Sea. Within 20 minutes the ferry brings pleasantly from Den Helder to Texel. In addition, the ferry to Texel is equipped with various facilities that you can use during the crossing.

Departure times ferry Texel

The ferry to and from Texel has many departure times. Every hour to and from Texel a crossing with the TESO timetable. The (double-deck) ferry to Texel leaves Den Helder once per hour. The boat trip takes about 20 minutes. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, there is a discounted rate for the crossings. In both Den Helder and Texel, bus connections are available on all normal sailings.

Den Helder ferry schedule to Texel

There are many departure times for the Texel ferry from Den Helder. There is a crossing every hour. Check the Den Helder ferry schedule below.


Texel ferry schedule to Den Helder

There are many departure times for the Texel ferry to Den Helder. There is a crossing every hour. Check the Texel ferry schedule below.


Please note: to be 100% about the current departure times, please check or call the ferry infoline: +31(0)222-369691/369692.

Prices Texel ferry

What is the cost for a ticket for the ferry to Texel? What are the prices for the Texel ferry? Tickets can be purchased online at the ferry terminal at the Teso website. Take a look at the ferry Texel departure times to plan your trip as well as possible.

Compared to other days, the Texel ferry costs are higher on Friday through Monday. In order to stimulate travel outside the busy weekends, this lower rate is set. By entering the peak and off-peak rates, waiting times are avoided as much as possible.


A boat ticket Texel is always a return ticket for both the outward journey and the return journey. You can buy the ticket before departure via the TESO website (e-ticket) or at the counter in the port of Den Helder. If you use the boat to Texel more often than it is worth buying a multi-return ticket. The price per return is much lower.

Ferry to Texel price list

Take a look at the ferry to Texel prices below.

Return for1x5x15x100x

* Per running metre
** Travelling to Texel on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday
*** Travelling to Texel on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
**** Regardless of the number of passengers

Please note: to be 100% about the current prices, please check or call the ferry infoline: +31(0)222-369691/369692.

The facilities on the ferry to Texel

The ferry Texel from Den Helder to Texel naturally has a number of practical facilities. This way your crossing becomes even more pleasant. The ferries are naturally equipped with ample parking spaces, so you can leave your vehicle safely during the journey. On top of the deck of the boat to Texel you will find a Texel shop, a buffet for a delicious meal and various coffee and candy vending machines. Of course, the ferry is also equipped with various sanitary and toilets for the disabled.

The ferry Texel - The Netherlands
The ferry Texel – The Netherlands

In addition, you will find an elevator on the boat that will take you from the parking lot to the upper deck of the ship without difficulty. On the ferry Texel is also general information regarding the crossing available and you can of course use wireless internet. To ensure your safety, both the ferries and the ferry ports in Texel and Den Helder are equipped with an AED. Of course, during the crossing on the ferry to Texel you can also enjoy the beautiful view that the Wadden Sea has to offer.

Parking Den Helder

When you travel with the Texel ferry, you can park for free in Den Helder, at the ferry port. This can be done next to the terminal. Follow the route ‘P Texel’, ‘Pick up + Drop off’.

You can park your car at the unguarded car park, reservations are not possible. The number of parking spaces is limited, so it may happen that the terrain is full on busy days. You can also park in the vicinity of the ferry port. Take a walk of about 10 minutes into account. The parking lot of the Marinemuseum is not a public car park.

If the free parking area is full, you can also park in the immediate vicinity. For example at the parking lots Willemsoord-Noord and Willemsoord-Zuid.

Free parking

Parking garage Den Helder

In downtown Den Helder you can park your car in either of the two parking garages. This can be done in parking garage Koninckshoek – at Koningdwarsstraat 6 or in parking garage Sluisdijk – at Sluisdijkstraat 1A. Since March 1st 2015 parking in the Sluisdijk garage is completely free.

Den Helder street parking

There are blue zones at the shopping centers in the center of Den Helder. This relates to the Sluisdijk neighborhood and to the Van Galenbuurt south-east. With a blue parking disc you can park here for up to 5 hours on Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.

On the parking lot Prins Hendrikplein parking garage Koninckshoek and parking lot Sluisdijk a maximum of three hours applies.

Parking disabled Den Helder

Disability car permit holders can not park free of charge in Den Helder on special disabled parking spaces and in the paid parking area.

Parking Texel

On Texel there is paid parking in all towns and at all beach strikes. Paid parking applies daily from 8 am to 8 pm in the evening. Do you want to park on Texel without any worries? This is possible with a so-called e-vignette, this is a digital parking card. When you left your car behind in Den Helder, but need a ride on Texel, you can reserve a taxi on Texel online. The taxi can be canceled free of charge, if necessary.

Parking on Texel, pay by the hour

Of course you can also buy a good old parking ticket and pay by the hour. The parking fee per hour is 2.50 euros. Cash payment is not possible, you can only pay with your debit or credit card. Do you have a parking app such as Yellowbrick on your mobile phone? With this you can also pay.

Buy e-vignette Texel

You can buy an e-vignette at the parking meter or online by clicking on the link.

How to use the e-vignette

The Texel parking attendants scan the registration number of your car and can check whether you have a valid Texel e-vignette. There are a number of places within the village centers where a maximum parking time of 2 hours applies. You can use a blue parking disc at those locations.

Disabled parking card

You do not need to purchase a Texel e-vignette if you have a European Disabled parking card. However, you must use both the parking ticket and the blue parking disc on parking places and parking spaces where parking is limited. This indicates your time of arrival.

Taxi Texel

When you leave your car behind in Den Helder, but need a ride on Texel, you can reserve a taxi on Texel online. The taxi can be canceled free of charge, if necessary.

Ferry from Texel to Vlieland

Are you visiting Texel and you also want to visit Vlieland? In the summer it is possible for tourists to take the ferry from Texel to Vlieland. Vice versa is also possible of course. The ferry De Vriendschap is only available for pedestrians and takes you by ferry from Texel to Vlieland. After arrival the boat there is a free transfer by a large truck that will take you to the Wadden Island of Vlieland via the beach.

You can take your bike with you when you book a single trip with the ferry from Texel to Vlieland. Many cyclists make use of this possibility to make bike trips across the islands. This makes the ferry from Texel to Vlieland a very nice way of traveling, because the ship is not too big and that makes the crossing an adventure in itself.

Take the ferry from Texel to Vlieland
Photo: Avis28

Tickets for the ferry from Texel to Vlieland

It is recommended to buy tickets online in advance. If you prefer to buy tickets on Texel, you can do so at De Noorman in De Cocksdorp. This is near beach pole 33 and opposite the rescue station of the KNRM. This is also the location of the jetty where the boat moors. The address is: De Noorman, Volharding 2A, De Cocksdorp, Texel.

Transport from the jetty

A ticket includes transport (with the Vliehors Expres) from the jetty to Het Posthuys on Vlieland. From there you can continue on your bike, there is also a bus. You can’t bring your car on the ferry from Texel to Vlieland.

Water Taxi Texel

Missed the ferry to Texel? Or do you have to rush back to Den Helder, or to Texel? It is possible to make the crossing safely and comfortably with the Texel water taxi in a maximum of 20 minutes. During the quick crossing you can stay in the cabin, but also enjoy the beautiful Wadden Sea outside. Maybe you’ll see a few seals on the way…

The water taxi Texel is available 24/7

Do you want to go to the Texel early in the morning and can’t wait for the first departure of the Texel ferry? The water taxi Texel is also suitable for this. The boat is available 24 hours a day.

When you have to go to Texel or Den Helder in the late evening and the regular Texel ferry is not available anymore, just call the water taxi Texel. This is possible on weekends, but of course also on weekdays. To use the water taxi you have to make a reservation in advance, this can be done by calling +316-30829308.

Missed last ferry to Texel? If you decide to stay on the island, book a hotel on Texel.

Water Taxi Texel
The Water Taxi Texel brings you to Texel within 20 minutes

Water taxi Texel price

A ticket for the water taxi costs around 20 euros. This rate applies to both adults and children. Booking by phone is mandatory and keep in mind that it is not possible to use your debit card at both the counter and on board of the water taxi. You can bring your dog on the water taxi for free.

Disabled people

The water taxi is also suitable for the disabled. However, call ahead about the possibilities. It is not always possible to get on board with a wheelchair.

Seal tour Texel

The company that provides the water taxi Texel also offers a seal tour off the coast of Texel. Step on the Zeehond and experience the best day of your life during a seal tour off the coast of Texel.

What to do on Texel

Room for walking and cycling is plentiful, there are over 130 kilometers of cycling paths and hiking trails on Texel. There is also a lot of nature on Texel. More than 25% of the island consists of the National Park Dunes of Texel.

With a width of 12 kilometers and a length of no less than 25 kilometers, Texel is the largest Wadden Island in the Netherlands. The beautiful beaches of Texel have a total length of 27 kilometers.

Texel has a lot of green nature for a relatively small island. The Texel nature is unique because of the diverse landscapes that the island is rich. From the dune areas full of colors to heathland, long walking beaches, pine forests to of course the mudflats. Because of the many fields, polders and meadows, Texel is an ideal habitat for a large number of species of birds, including migratory birds.

Photo: Levin/Unsplash

National Park Dunes Texel

In the northwest of Texel you will find the National Park Dunes of Texel, which is more than 43 square kilometers big. In the dune area there are different pieces of nature such as De Muy, De Hors and of course De Slufter. The area is a varied landscape with, between dry dunes, moors, forests, salt marshes and vast beach plains, also many marshy dune valleys.

Hugging and cuddling with lambs

For both young and old, visiting the sheep farm De Schapenboerderij on Texel is highly recommended. It is one of the best things to do on the island. The young sheep are crazy about attention and love to be hugged and cuddled. De Schapenboerderij is open all year round. Maybe you see a sheep with five legs…

Texel Beach

The Texel beach, on the western side of the island, is about 30 kilometers long. The seaside resort of Texel is the village De Koog. On the beaches of Texel you can make beautiful walks and then have a nice rest at a beach pavilion. You can also surf on the beautiful beaches.

Of course there are several beach pavilions on Texel. Most are named after the corresponding stand post. A beach pole indicates the location along the beach and can be used as an orientation. Enjoy the delicious food and the beautiful view of the beach and sea.

Texel is a paradise for surfers. At the beach poles 17 and 19 are the most popular places to surf on Texel. At pole 17, on one of the most beautiful surf beaches in the country, Surf School Texel has been established for more than 10 years. With a bit of luck you can spot seals while surfing.

Mudflat hiking to Texel

The hike on the mudflats to Texel takes about 3.5 hours, the total length is about 11 kilometers. The trip goes along nature reserve De Schorren where you can admire the flora and fauna of the Wadden Sea. Mudflat hiking to Texel is not difficult because you walk on hard sand plates. This makes the trip suitable for the older kids (from 10 years). The collection point ‘Waddenpark Avanti’ is about 20 kilometers after arriving by the ferry to Texel.

Cycling on Texel

Cycling on Texel is very popular, by bike is the best way to discover Texel. Renting a bike on Texel is therefore no problem, there are many bike rental companies. Immediately after arriving by the ferry to Texel and also in most towns you will find several bike rental places. With many bike rental places you can book a bicycle online, the bike is then even delivered to your hotel.

There are many cycle paths on Texel with a total length of almost 150 kilometers. The paths take you along a discovery tour through forests, villages and the Texel dunes. You can bring your own bike on the boat or rent a bike from one of the many bike rental companies on Texel. You can also do some hiking on Texel, so do not forget to bring your hiking shoes.

Photo: Evgeni Tcherkasski/Unsplash

Hiking on Texel

You can really relax while hiking on Texel. Enjoy the beautiful dunes, forests and nature parks. Hiking on Texel is possible through various hiking routes, from paved roads to untouched paths through nature. Hiking on Texel is the perfect way to spot (the more than 300 species) birds and discover the trees, nature and plants.

All routes for hiking are in the Duinen van Texel nature reserve. This National Park is located on the northwestern side of the island and is approximately 43 square kilometers in size. In this dune area there are various nature reserves such as De Muy, De Hors and of course De Slufter.


There are seven towns on Texel. Each of these towns has its own cosiness and character. There are also many restaurants, shops, cafés and much to do on Texel. Take time to discover De Cocksdorp, Oosterend, De Waal, Den Burg, Oudeschild, Den Hoorn and De Koog.

Museums Texel

Texel has many special and interesting museums about fishing, war and culture. Take some time to discover the various museums on Texel.


Lovers of delicious food and drinks are at the right place on Texel. Restaurants on Texel; they are abundant and there is a lot of choice. From cozy coffee shops to hip cocktail bars and burger bars, to cozy living room restaurants and fantastic star restaurants. After a hike or bike ride, enjoy a delicious meal in one of the Texel restaurants.

Sustainable crossing to Texel by ferry

TESO has a high priority for sustainability. By letting the ships sail on environmentally friendly fuel, an important contribution is made to the preservation of the beautiful Wadden area. For example, a crossing with the ferry to Texel is not only pleasant, but also sustainable.

In addition to the use of biodiesel, the boat from Den Helder to Texel is provided with even more environmentally-friendly facilities. For example, the urinals inside the ship are waterless, resulting in a drinking water saving of no less than 150,000 liters per year. The crossing from Den Helder to Texel with the TESO ferry is therefore a unique experience in every respect.

Ferry Texel

The ferry from Den Helder to Texel departs every hour between 6.30 am and 21.30 pm. The Texel ferry leaves here at the half hour from the ferry terminal. From Texel to Den Helder the boat leaves the hour between 6.00 am and 21.00 pm. Tickets for the crossing with the ferry to Texel can be easily purchased online or at one of the ticket offices at the terminals.

Crossing by ferry and the Texel e-vignette

A large parking lot can be found in both ferry ports. After the crossing from Den Helder to Texel you can safely park your car here. Cars are allowed on the island. However, there is a paid parking policy in many places in Texel. Not only in the villages but also at the beaches you pay an hourly rate.

With the Texel e-vignette you can park anywhere on the island. This digital parking vignette can easily be purchased online and works on the basis of license plate registration. Parking on Texel with an e-vignette costs € 7.50 per day. Of course you can also purchase a digital parking vignette for a week. Especially if you are staying longer on the island, this is advisable. A weekly vignette for parking on Texel costs € 15.00 and has a validity of 8 days.

Summary Ferry Texel

  • The costs for the Texel ferry are low.
  • The ferry timetable has many departure times. Every hour there is a crossing to Texel and of course a crossing to Den Helder.
  • Parking for the ferry to Texel is free at the ferry port in Den Helder.
  • You can also take the ferry from Texel to Vlieland, the adjacent island.
  • Van Vlieland you can also return with the ferry from Vlieland to Texel.