Prices Texel ferry

What is the cost for a ticket for the ferry to Texel? What are the prices for the Texel ferry? Tickets can be purchased online at the ferry terminal at the Teso website. Take a look at the ferry Texel departure times to plan your trip as well as possible.

Prices Texel ferry

  • A return trip by the ferry to Texel costs 2.50 euros for a foot passenger.
  • Children under the age of four travel for free.
  • The price for vehicles from 2.51 meters to 6.5 meters is 37 euros in high season and 25.00 euros in low season.
  • For a return ticket for motor vehicles (including 2 passengers) the rates are 11.00 euros in high season and 8.20 euros in low season.
  • For trucks, coaches, cars + caravans or trailers with a maximum of 9 occupants the ferry Texel costs (per running meter) are 7.80 in high season and the off-peak tariff is 5.80 euros.

Tickets can be purchased at the ferry port or online at the Teso website. Look for extensive rates on the Teso website.

Multiple return ticket ferry Texel

You can use a multiple return ticket for a maximum of once per hour for one vehicle. You can purchase these tickets as an eticket at the TESO website or in Den Helder at the ticket offices on a TESO card. The cost of a TESO pass is a one-time 2.00 euro. You can reload your TESO pass several times in Den Helder (at the ticket offices), but also at MijnTESO.

Boat Texel peak and off-peak tariff

Compared to other days, the Texel ferry costs are higher on Friday through Monday. In order to stimulate travel outside the busy weekends, this lower rate is set. By entering the peak and off-peak rates, waiting times are avoided as much as possible.

Prices Texel ferry for return tickets

Prices Texel ferry
A boat ticket Texel is always a return ticket for both the outward journey and the return journey. You can buy the ticket before departure via the TESO website (e-ticket) or at the counter in the port of Den Helder. If you use the boat to Texel more often than it is worth buying a multi-return ticket. The price per return is much lower.

Your ticket for the ferry between Den Helder and Texel is always a return ticket. This means that you do not need a ticket for your journey from Texel to Den Helder and can therefore embark immediately.