Parking Texel

Parking on Texel? Use the affordable Texel e-vignette

On Texel there is paid parking in all towns and at all beach strikes. Paid parking applies daily from 8 am to 8 pm in the evening. Do you want to park on Texel without any worries? This is possible with a so-called e-vignette, this is a digital parking card. When you left your car behind in Den Helder, but need a ride on Texel, you can reserve a taxi on Texel online. The taxi can be canceled free of charge, if necessary.

Parking on Texel, pay by the hour

Parkeren TexelOf course you can also buy a good old parking ticket and pay by the hour. The parking fee per hour is 2.50 euros. Cash payment is not possible, you can only pay with your debit or credit card. Do you have a parking app such as Yellowbrick on your mobile phone? With this you can also pay.

e-vignette rates

A Texel e-vignette costs 10 euros per day. It is more advantageous to buy an e-vignette weekly ticket, which costs only 20 euros and is valid for no less than 8 days. It is even more affordable to buy an annual ticket for the whole of 2019. This is valid from December1st 2018 to February 1st 2020. The costs for an annual card are 30 euros.

Buy e-vignette Texel

You can buy an e-vignette at the parking meter, or at home from behind your computer. You can buy a Texel e-vignette online by clicking on the link.

How does the e-vignette work?

The Texel parking attendants scan the registration number of your car and can check whether you have a valid Texel e-vignette. There are a number of places within the village centers where a maximum parking time of 2 hours applies. You can use a blue parking disc at those locations.

Disabled parking card

You do not need to purchase a Texel e-vignette if you have a European Disabled parking card. However, you must use both the parking ticket and the blue parking disc on parking places and parking spaces where parking is limited. This indicates your time of arrival.

To Texel without a car?

Of course you can also park your car in Den Helder and then travel by public transport on Texel. Line 28, the regular bus line of De Texelhopper, runs between the ferry port and Den Burg and De Koog. These are small vans that can take you over the entire island.