The weather on Texel

Texel climate

Texel has a maritime climate. Because the Wadden Islands are separate from the mainland, the influence of wind and sea is stronger. Due to the temperature of the sea, in the spring, rainfall is limited. In the autumn, the heat from the sea then provides extra rain. Although the warm months are drier than other areas in the Netherlands, the temperature is also lower. The sea breeze ensures a cool breeze.

Texel is the largest island of the Dutch Wadden Islands. Texel consists of two parts that got together.

Weather Texel

The weather on Texel is pleasant. Texel has a maritime climate, so that in the spring the rainfall is limited. The sea wind blows a cool breeze over the island

The landscape is dominated by the many Texel sheep that roam around it. Together with tourism, sheep are the most important source of income for the island.

Like the other Wadden Islands Texel has a beautiful nature, the island has various landscapes. In addition to the large and wide sandy beaches you will find a lot of forest and natural dune areas, but also vast grasslands and salt marshes. Once these areas were under water. Occasionally these areas are still flooded, which gives them a very special flora and fauna.

The weather on Texel