Hiking on Texel

You can really relax while hiking on Texel. Enjoy the beautiful dunes, forests and nature parks. Hiking on Texel is possible through various hiking routes, from paved roads to untouched paths through nature. You can also enjoy cycling on Texel. Hiking on Texel is the perfect way to spot (the more than 300 species) birds and discover the trees, nature and plants.

Hiking on Texel

All routes for hiking are in the Duinen van Texel nature reserve. This National Park is located on the northwestern side of the island and is approximately 43 square kilometers in size. In this dune area there are various nature reserves such as De Muy, De Hors and of course De Slufter.

Hiking on Texel
Photo: Koen van Engelen/Unsplash

Hiking trail Het Alloo

If you want to get acquainted with nature and the dunes of Texel, then walk along the nature trail Alloo. The hiking path leads you along dunes, agricultural areas and forests. There is a lot to see, from a dune to grasslands full of flowers where meadow birds breed.

De Dennen

Do you want to do something active in the nature of Texel? Then visit De Dennen, which is part of the National Park on Texel. Here you can go horse riding, picnicking, barbecuing, walking and cycling.

Wandelroute De Mient

Hiking route De Mient is also located in the Dunes of Texel. Previously, this was a wet moorland where cattle grazed and heather was extracted for fuel. Later a forest was planted and meadows created.


The Eierland nature trail is an oasis of space and tranquility in the north of Texel. Here you can enjoy a breath of fresh air and walk through a surprisingly varied landscape.

De Geul en Bollekamer

The dune area of De Geul en Bollekamer is one of the most varied spots in the National Park of Texel. For example, the beach area De Hors, where nature still makes new dunes. Or the bird-rich mini Wadden Sea in De Mokbaai. Via hiking trails you can fully enjoy all this beauty.


The Fonteinsnol, in the middle of the woods, is a watchtower. The tower stands on top of a dune and is close to where the water source used to be. There is also a war memorial at the watchtower.