Cycling on Texel

Cycling on Texel is very popular, by bike is the best way to discover Texel. Renting a bike on Texel is therefore no problem, there are many bike rental companies. Immediately after arriving by the ferry to Texel and also in most towns you will find several bike rental places. With many bike rental places you can book a bicycle online, the bike is then even delivered to your hotel.

Cycling on Texel

There are many cycle paths on Texel with a total length of almost 150 kilometers. The paths take you along a discovery tour through forests, villages and the Texel dunes. You can bring your own bike on the boat or rent a bike from one of the many bike rental companies on Texel. You can also do some hiking on Texel, so do not forget to bring your hiking shoes.

Cycle routes on Texel

As a cyclist, the island has much to offer. On the bike you can easily move from one landscape to another. Are you looking for a nice cycling route on Texel? You can easily find these via the nodes on the island. Nodes are numbered crossings that are part of the different cycle routes. They are ideal for planning a nice bike ride and can be found anywhere on the island.

How do the nodes work?

There are white-green signs with a number on each node. By simply following these numbers you cycle from junction to junction. You can plan it like this:

  1. Click here to go to the bike route planner and then zoom in on Texel. You will then automatically see the nodes appear.
  2. Make a nice cycle route by clicking start and end point, you can also see how many kilometers the cycle route is and how long you take it.
  3. Are you happy with the chosen route? Then make a note or print of the numbers of the nodes in the correct order.
  4. Get on your bike, follow the numbers and enjoy a wonderful bike ride on Texel.

Bike rental Texel

You can rent a bicycle in almost all villages on Texel. Both ordinary bicycles, electric bicycles and bicycles with child seats (s). What is also very nice is to rent a tandem, so you can enjoy a cozy two-day trip through Texel nature.

cycling on Texel
Photo: Levin/Unsplash

Book online

Although it is not necessary to book a bike on Texel, there are bicycles enough, especially in the summer and during school holidays it is useful to discuss a bike in advance. Many landlords of bicycles bring your bike to your accommodation, your bike is ready when you arrive on Texel. Do you get a flat tire or other bad luck on the way? That’s not a problem. Just call the bike rental company and they will bring you another bike. This way you can quickly continue your bike ride.

The most beautiful cycling routes on Texel