Activities on Texel

Activities on Texel are for all ages. There are a number of activities on Texel that you absolutely must see when visiting the island. Looking for relaxation? Then go cycling or walking to enjoy the beautiful Texel nature. Do you visit the island with children? Take them to the lighthouse or go to Ecomare. Also fun and the whole year available is lamb cuddling.

Ecomare Texel

Do you want to know everything about the nature of the North Sea and the Wadden Islands? Then come to Ecomare on Texel. There you can view porpoises, seals and other marine animals. Ecomare is a seal sanctuary, a bird sanctuary, a sea aquarium and a nature museum. Ecomare is located in the middle of the National Park on Texel.

???? Lamb cuddling Texel

For both young and old, visiting the sheep farm De Schapenboerderij on Texel is highly recommended. It is one of the best things to do on the island. The young sheep are crazy about attention and love to be hugged and cuddled. De Schapenboerderij is open all year round. Maybe you see a sheep with five legs…

Activities on Texel
Photo: Karsten Würth/Unsplash

Lighthouse Texel

One of the nicest activities on Texel is visiting the red lighthouse. The tower stands at De Cocksdorp, on the northernmost tip of Texel. Do you want a beautiful view of the Wadden Sea and the North Sea? The (slightly more than) 150 steps are certainly worth the effort. With a bit of luck and good weather you can even see the adjacent island of Vlieland.

The Texel Beer Brewery

The most famous beer brewery in Texel is called De Texelse Bierbrouwerij. The famous beer Skuumkoppe is brewed here. Take a tour and find out everything about brewing beer.

Fishing on Texel

Enjoying a day of fishing on Texel can be done under the guidance of skipper Jaap Tuitman. He has been handling fishing trips from Texel for more than 30 years. Jaap knows the best fishing spots because he knows the Wadden Sea like no other. You can fish on Texel with your own fishing tackle, but you can also rent a fishing rod.

Go-karting on Texel

Go-karting on Texel can be done in Den Burg at Circuitpark Karting Texel. This is the place for an exciting and fast adventure for a group or just alone. The circuit is in the open air and is about half a kilometer long. The go-karts are super fast and can race at speeds of no less than 70 kilometers per hour.

‘The high mountain’

The Hoge Berg (High Mountain) is not very high by about 15 meters above sea level. The ‘mountain’ was created in the ice age by clay propulsions. On top of the mountain you have a beautiful view over the Texel villages and the coast of both the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. Then you get a good indication on how versatile Texel is with its forest, beach, meadows and dunes.

Poldermolen Het Noorden

The polder mill Het Noorden was created during the reclamation of the areas in the northeast of Texel. In 1878 it turned out that a large mill was needed to turn the area dry. The mill is named after the polder that was drained dry. You can find the mill just north of Oosterend.


In the hollow of the dike, on the east side of Texel, hidden beaches are formed at low tide. On these beaches the water is a lot calmer than on the coast of the North Sea. There is a beach built next to the marina. Archaeological finds on the beach have proven that marine life is very different here than on the other side of Texel.

The Skyline of Den Hoorn

Den Hoorn is located in the south of Texel. The village is located directly on the National Park Dunes of Texel. Den Hoorn is a unique town, it is like going back in time. You have a nice view of the church of Den Hoorn from the Lagewegje. Especially during the sunset it is really beautiful.

Waalenburg polder

Between the polder Eijerland and Den Burg you will find the polder Wallerburg. This polder is no less than centuries old and the surrounding dykes still exist for the most part. The polder consists partly of agricultural land, the other part is a nature reserve of Natuurmonumenten.

Activities on Texel for kids

On Texel there are plenty activities for children, the island is a perfect destination for families. There is plenty to do, from lambs cuddling to Ecomare and from the lighthouse of Texel to the watchtower in the forest.

Climbing park

In De Cocksdorp you will find holiday park De Krim and there you can visit the climbing park Klimmen EnZo. The children can climb at different heights. Of course, the little ones are also imagined with a fun indoor play paradise. Climbing EnZo is open from March to October.

Sand pit

The oak grove Het Doolhof is located near Oudeschild. The forest is a nice place for children to play and picnic. You will find a sand pit where children can play wonderfully. There is also an insect reserve near the sand pit.

Observation tower

The Fonteinsnol, in the middle of the woods, is a watchtower. The tower stands on top of a dune and is close to where the water source used to be. There is also a war memorial at the watchtower.